Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help, I've Been Googled!

I use Statcounter to track hits to this blog, just to see if I should botherupdating as frequently. Granted I should be doing this more for me, but hey, it gets lonely sometimes...

Anyway, Statcounter is amazing AND it's free. It also lets me know how people got here, like through a websearch or via AltStrum or whatever.

So, here are some of the keywords people have used to reach this site, and I will help you for future reference. Don't worry, there was nothing embarrasing like brazillian fart porn or giraffe goatse. Although I will post if those things actually resulted in a hit.

She Sells Sanctuary Position Fret- You'll want this post. I reccomend starting with the pinky on the 14th fret, and working your way down from there. Unless you mean you want the full tab, then go here.

Lynard Skynard Pronounced Blogspot, The Best Of Foreigner Blogspot- I guess he was looking for a CD review maybe? Both are pretty good

Guitar Pedal Dead Kennedys Police Truck Used- Delay pedal, with distortion.

"Cheer Up Coach Z" Parody- I think the song itself was a parody, but you never know.

Hooked On Decemberween Lyrics, Dethemberween Thinkaman Lyrics- This site should do the trick.

"Skies On Fire" Standard Tuning- Bam.

Plastic Rock Experiment- It could be something else he was thinking of, but this experiment on Non-Newtonian fluids is my best bet. The tone of that post reminds me of a serial killer. "Theeese ladies are having fun. Look at the pretty girls. I wonder what her head would look like on a stick?" 4th entry!

Guitar Hero Arcade Setlist- Sorry, no dice. That search landed on what I thought the potential setlist would be. I am curious to check out the real one.

Father Christmas Game Is A Bastard- I think he's talking about this game. But yeah, it does suck.

Rhythm Games "Back In Black"- Check the AC/DC Track Pack.

Drums of RB2 Accessories- Bam. One stop shopping and plugging. There's silencers, cymbals, kickheads, what more could you want?

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