Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What Is Sunday REALLY?


Whew, this took a while! Inspired by the Magic The Gathering Set, Dominaria!
Yes, this did take a while, because I put so much into it. So, let me break it down:
1. Real Life
PAX East was in April, and right after I started a very physically demanding job, so I wasn't exactly eager to start working on music when I got home, expecially one with as many stumbling blocks as this one.

2. The Tune
I wanted something epic, yet poppy, like The Killers or Bastille. The difference with those guys is that they're full time musicians, or have a band, or work with producers.

I have none of those.

Also, I'm not familiar with the piano, but I managed to get some good licks in there!

3. The Lyrics
The main thrust of this new Dominaria Set is "Legendary Creatures Matter", so Legends was a theme to write around.

The song itself was partly inspired by David Bowie's death in 2016.

After his death, while I did become sad that he's gone, I had an epiphany, as arrogant as it sounds: "Now's My Chance". If not me, then someone else is out there creating awesome things that we just haven't discovered yet. If we keep looking back to the past, then we're just going to get stuck in this cycle of feeling bummed after our heroes die. That shit isn't consistent at all, so it's up to us to be our own heroes.

OK, so 3000 Brigade Stuff is starting up again, and I can't always think of 3 things to put up on Sunday, especially during slow months. So I'll just put things up whenever! I'll try to do a Jam of the Week per week, because I can write a paragraph or two about a song,

Whatever, my site, my rules, so I'll try this for now.


WOW there was a lot more busy work than I remember.

Highlights include:
-Me fighting with a yo-yo
-Me fighting with the controls
-Me fighting with the stealth mechanics
-Me fighting with Claustrophobia
-Stereotypes fighting each other

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Get Up" by Unwritten Law


OK, so after Quantic Dream's first game, Omnikron: The Nomad Soul, came Indigo Prophecy, known as Fahrenheit everywhere else. Omnikron was a game that tried to do so much, with a soundtrack from David Bowie.

On the other hand, Indigo Prophecy was a more limited experience, focusing more on narrative, It also included a licensed soundtrack featuring lots of 70s funk and R&B.... and the music of Theory of a Deadman. So, they tried to make this game more "hip" by including them, and setting the trailer to "Get Up" by Unwritten Law.

This made the damn game look like some Matrix shit, without the aforementioned busywork.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SONG? YOU ASK. I was 17 when I first heard it, so I was in the right place to think it was WAY PAST COOL.

Now? On a closer listen, it does a lot of things I like: the bass leading the riff in the intro, how guitars drop out during the verse, the spacious bridge leading to the chaos of the solo, the bass work in the final chorus, the guitar going from standard Deep Nu-Metal chug, to high aprpegios in the chorus. Lots going on, that I wouldn't have paid attention to if I didn't have to give these things a close listen.

This would have been perfect in another game I loved around the same time: SSX 3. Everything about "Get Up" feels like it's "jumping off" to the next part of the song. And it's nu metally. I was a teenager in the early 2000s, so sue me.

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