Monday, June 25, 2018

JAM OF THE WEEK 6/24/2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Party Like It's Your Birthday" by The Studio Killers

Studio Killers, Mystery Skulls and Goldfish are the the holy trinity of "dance music I love and they also have kick ass animated music videos".

While most of the internet was (rightfully) gushing about The Gorillaz's "Humility", this what was kicking on my stereo. Like The Gorillaz, the Studio Killers are a "virtual group" that is a "side project" of another band (Damon Albarn from Blur, Teemu Brunilla from The Crash).

Studio Killers are really good "night driving music", especially if you're dressed like you're straight out of Miami Vice and wearing shutter shades: It's energetic without being too intense, and full of soothing synths. I've sung the praises of their first single "Ode To The Bouncer" before, and "Jenny" is a solid recommendation, so it's welcome "Party Like It's Your Birthday" continues the tradition of excellent summer jams.

One thing I'd like to bring attention to is that The Studio Killers are 2D now. Not a complaint, I just found it intreresting, considering the 3D models from "Bouncer" and "Eros and Apollo" weren't bad or anything. But new album, new look. By making everything more angular, it feels less dreamlike. The "magic" is lost, but the music is still great, and if they flesh out the "world" of this new look, I'm still 1000% on board.

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