Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Status Quo Sunday Gives You The WHOLE MAT

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It's only fitting that this con comes at the end of the year, because A. Both my concert and Holmat Slam went off spectacularly and B. I saw pretty much EVERYONE I knew from the con scene there?

I could only stay one day, and I didn't see much but it was a very fun day. Holiday Matsuri and Anime Iwai, while not the biggest cons, are known for being good "hang out" cons.

All my shows next year, be they a usual Rhythm Bastard performance, or my as of yet unnamed N64 Wrestling Federation will be a lot better, and I'm rejuvenated, between my Patreon and all the success I've had this year to start again in 2018.


As a cop out, (and since it went down so well at my Holmat show)
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For this one, I was going for a more relaxed vibe. That riff is something I was just chilling out with and I wanted to get another song done for Overwatch, so I figured Why Not? Even though I don't McCree AT ALL, "It's High Noon" is a really great lyrical hook.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Wasted Youth/Everything Louder Than Everything Else" by Meatloaf
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There's a little playlist I have of songs that get me hyped up to play at a show. Basically, any song that's uplifting, is meant to be blasted as loud as possible and I can yell along to while I'm blasting 80 on the Florida Turnpike.

First time I heard this song was on an episode of The Echo Chamber where Jeff recited the opening monologue unprovoked and the rest of us were scratching our heads.

Then I actually listened to it.

You know, it's a shame that bands like Dream Theatre and Rush get the credit for making epic songs when Meatloaf  can't seem to write a song shorter than 5 minutes.

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