Thursday, December 29, 2016

Status Quo Wednesday (On The West Coast) Mentions Pokemon Again


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JAM OF THE WEEK: "Dirty Love" by Kesha

For a major pop star, a lot of people have been sleeping on Ke$ha. She's wrtitten a lot of songs for other artists (her mother is also an accomplished song writer), and is a genius in her own right, having a 140 IQ, and getting a 1500 on her SATs. It's a shame that she signed a recording contract before finish High School, especially considering A. How Dr. Luke convinced her to sign her first recording contract and B. How well that all ended up for her.

I got into this song after Twill Distilled was on I'd Rather Not and did such a good job the podcast. I remember Ke$ha doing a song with Iggy Pop, and was thinking of this to collab with Twill on, since Twill's collab with John turned out so well.

Ke$ha's energy is infectious on "Dirty Love", and Iggy Pop, doesn't do much, like his other collabs,. But he still brings this kind of sexy, intense delivery to his verse.


Oh yeah, I was at this thing. TIMELY, HUH? Nah, but seriously, I enjoyed it. Some quick hits:

-A LOOOOOOT of Team Skull cosplayers. A LOT.
-There was also some HUGE meetups for Borderlands and Overwatch.

-Instead of partaking in Saturday festivities I went to the Geek Easy to check out some music friends Jackson Parodi, Eye-Q, Sci-Fried, and Roborob.

-Sunday morning was my show, and while people came in and had fun, it was still a Sunday morning show. Afterwards, I caught Noise Complaint, who collected a shitton of the Magic cards I threw out and enjoyed the show. I also caught fellow con regulars Geekapella.

-The Iron Robot Cardboard contest was very fun, and I think my team did well despite only being 2 people:

I still have the helmet in my room. 

The only disappointment is that I didn't get to show off the cosplay I've been working on, because everything fell apart THE SECOND I got out of my car. So I'm fixing some things and am going to be stress testing my stuff in the coming weeks so that for next con, I'll be ready.

Other than that, nothing really around here until March.

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