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PODCAST RECAPS FOR 6/25/2016: Going Legit


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 I seriously need to catch up on these...


I'd really like to know what program Ben used. HE HAD A CONTINGENCY PLAN IS ANDY CHOSE THE OTHER OPTIONS.

Nippon No Pipopo is a legit JRPG that will come to the US:

QWOP is over 8 years old now? Holy crap.
Also, I just tried it now, and made it all the way to 52.2 meters.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans come in boxes for around 2 bucks apiece. Jelly Belly handles the production on those, and they've gone nuts with flavors in the past, such as buttered popcorn and strawberry daquiri, so like I said in the podcast, that's a risk I can take.

Harry Potter™ Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans – 1.2 oz Box

Common sense would tell you that drinking bleach is Really Fucking Dangerous, however, science tells us that drinking bleach ranges from Very Fucking Dangerous to Really Dangerous on the Rhythm Bastard Scale of Danger.

Bleach is still deadly, because sodium hypocholrite is an oxidizing agent, which is why it's used for cleaning. Conspumption reulst in the burning of your body's tissues and even inhalation can cause stinging eyes and a sore throat.

Sodium hypocholrite has a chemical reaction to the air, so this will go down over time, and even adding a minute amount to water can make contiminated water slightly potable. Still, don't fucking chug bleach. Or watch bleach for that matter.


We've been really good about flipping the script on the show between Alex's question this episode and the hotline thing last episode.

Also, interesting thing about Alex's question is that normally we'd take two already bad options and make them worse, Alex took two good options and make them better. In that,

Like, I REALLY hate moving. Stairs are my mortal enemy, not because I hate climbing them, but because I have to carry a couch up them.

This is actually a video of Andy, since he wants all the PS4s. This guy has a beard, so there's really no different:

Also, New York is really screwy with cities. My old neighborhood of Bay Terrace was technically lumped in with Bayside, which in turn was part of Flushing.

Around the world cruises cost around $40K year, which is slightly below the Median Income in the U.S. of $50K. HOW DECADENT DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?
I've been on cruises for a week and I've gone insane. No internet, no proper gym, schmaltz everywhere, I'd go nuts.

Andy is a bad parent.

Also, this happened. (LINK)

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