Thursday, May 12, 2016


A.K.A. The radio announcer who does the interludes for Status Quo Radio.
A.K.A. The worst character I ever created for the sake of the Echo Chamber

SQR Canon:
Jonesy Spencerson grew up in New York City during the Depression Era. The last of seven kids born, the first of five to get to work. He was lucky enough to secure a job with a paper route for the RED Paper, the The Crimson Post, later moving up to an Assistant Editor position when he was just 16. He was very attentive to diction and would often review articles at least three times over so that no objections would come from the higher-ups.

Several years later, The Crimson Post closed down after the Editor-In-Chief was found dead in his office. The death was, according to police reports, a self-inflicted sniper bullet. Around that time, disease would finally claim his mother, and whatever family he had left had to relocate to smaller, more affordable housing. They managed to find a place deep within BLU territory, and after a through background check (which may or may not have included brain implants), he was hired on as an Editor for BLU's newspaper, The Blue Storm.

Things seemed to be going well for Jonesy; he was married with two children of his own, had a house of his own, and was helping BLU enter the burgeoning world of television news. However, after his new Editor-In-Chief died due to (according to police reports) a self inflicted sniper bullet wound, he found his employment in dire straits agian.

Fortunately, he was able to salvage his employment be volunteering to relocate and become the manager of the radio station WQUO. When Jonesy arrived at the station, he was instructed via telephone that he would also be the voice of the station, to play the music and to read the press releases that came in via wire.

As per BLU Corporate Mandate, all releases sent to media outlets are done so anonymously. As per RED Corporate Mandate, all releases sent to media outlets are done so anonymously.

The previous manager of the station questioned why both companies would send in their requests, and after asking who actually owned WQUO, he was found dead later that night.

Cause of death was a self-inflicted sniper bullet, which rests on the studio desk to this present day. 

EchoChamber Canon:
He's a carny barker voice I put on to make fun of Dan Ryckert and wrestling jargon. He and Peter Molyneux won't leave my house.

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