Monday, December 28, 2015

Status Quo Sunday Bows Down To The King

This week's post Chirstmas Jam:

I've been waiting to post this song ever since I discovered it in Guitar Hero TV. Really easy to play but it's fun to jam to. If I were to describe this song in one word, it would be "refreshing". Most of the music I listen doesn't catch me the same way this did: All pop music has to have a hook every five seconds, and all the alternative rock is starting to sound the same like a Mumford Band. Then along comes Wolf Alice, bringing it heavy after the dour, whispery verses that take their time in order to heighten the impact when the thunderous chorus brings it back.

Speaking of Guitar Hero, I finally got 5* on all songs on Expert. My last song? My white whale? Fucking Katy Perry's fucking "Waking Up In Vegas"

-Christmas was the past Friday, and it was pretty good to me. I'm sitting on one of my presents, a Cambodain slave child a new office chair RIGHT NOW

Also got two of my favorite albums from 2013 on vinyl: "The Next Day" by David Bowie and "The Electric Lady"by Janelle Monae.

Speaking of albums, I got a few books in the 33 1/3 series for some of my favorite albums, such as Flood, Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables and The Super Mario Bros, soundtrack. I like the one for I Get Wet, so these will make for some good reading.

From the same series is a book on "How To Write About Music", which I'll take particular interest in, so hopefully my musings here can get better.

-And the benefit of posting these late is that you get the breaking news that Lemmy of Motorhead died at 70 today.

With his powerful bass sound and gravelly voice, rock music is missing a bonafide bad ass. Kick Satan's ass for us all, you glorious motherfucker.

-On a less bad note, The ZeldaThon is currently going on, so make sure to support them! 

-Later this week, I'll have a post about I question I get a lot.

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