Saturday, October 27, 2012

Echo Chamber Podcast Post Game Episode 15


New York Comic Con was a lot of fun, I made some new friends, and I got some really good books, "Twisted Dark" by Neil Gibson, and "I Kill Giants" by Joe Kelly (writer of Superman vs. The Elite and Deadpool vol. 1).

I have an NYCC video I've been meaning to put up, but I also got a lot of stuff I have to do to get the DHMD Soundtrack ready. ALSO BONUS SONG!!!

So yesterday, after I've mentioned on this podcast that I'm all Gangnam Style'd out, three things happened:

1. Dance Central announces "Gangnam Style" as DLC

2. Just Dance 4 announces "Gangnam Style" as DLC

3. I get asked to be a security guard in a beer commercial that Psy is doing. It was for Heit Beer, which is a Korean Beer, and after a quick Google search revealed Psy is going to be the new spokesperson. So, I'm walking toward holding, and on set, what do I see, but PSY in big letters.

"Oh fuck", I thought.

Then he did the dance and everything live, and suddenly I forgot that I've heard "HEEEYY SEXY LADIES!" 9001 times.Also, TONS of ladies in skimpy club outfits, while I was macking on extra swag in my suit and shades.

Like most extra shoots, it was long hours and little pay, but at least I got a story out of it.

And here's Deadpool again:

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