Sunday, September 9, 2012

Echo Chamber Podcast Post Game Episode 9

Download it here fools!

I wasn't able to make it this week and all my podcast bros (save for AnimeCow) got it before me, so I haven't been able to comment on it until now.

At least they remembered me :3

-I got "Stronger" out of the way as soon as possible because fuck that song.

-If I had gotten a copy free, I would have bought some songs from Single White Infidel, Freen In Green, Brucker & Garcia and Mystakin, but alas I got Walking Dead Episode 2 instead. Don't worry, I'll pick some up when I buy WD Episode 3.

-It's a completely different beast than Amplitude/Frequnecy/Rock Band Unplugged, and in a way, it becomes an entirely new game.

At first I thought since there were only going to be two "buttons" is would be easier, but not as easy as I thought. Some of those solos can mess up with your timing.

One advantage of having it "simpler" is to put more focus on strategics; what power-ups you're going to use, what track you go to first, how you level everything up, etc.

-One strategy I learned from the podcast: Blast notes and Bottle Rockets are your friends. On slower tracks, I tend to go for the Jackpot Overdrive power up.

-The Walking Dead is really fucking good you guys.

-New song should be up by the end of the week.

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