Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 21st, 2012 Videos Of The Week

Oh. Damn. I forgot how to do these...

Right, LIVE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Young The Giant covering "Ignition (Remix)" by R. Kelly

Young The Giant covers “Ignition (Remix)”
This song was popular back when I was in high school, and the "freakin' weekend" rhyme gets me the every time. For such an indie band, these guys pulled off a rap song pretty well. The singer's got a nice, smooth voice and the lead guitar is perfect for that R&B feeling.

AV Undercover is defintely an experiment I want to try out myself, and it's introduced me to so many good bands. I'm definitely checking out more from Young The Giant.

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK: "All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem

Look. Look at James Murphy's eyes. Look how sad he is.
Hear how desperate he sounds, like he's had the best night of his life and now it totally sucks because he's coming down off that high and he's thinking "How the hell am I going to get back home?" and then he wakes up the next morning and it's Sunday and the only thought on his mind recovering from the hangover at 1 PM (when he woke up) is, "Fuck, I have work tomorrow" and ponders what the hell he's been doing with his life and how his friends have moved on and, let's face it, he doesn't have anyone left at this point as he wonders "Where are my friends tonight?"

I can feel the Bowie.

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