Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Music By Rock Band Friends!

First up is MC Lars and Weerd Science's "How To Be An Indie Rapper"

How to Be an Indie Rapper (featuring Weerd Science) by MC Lars

Lars is a lot of fun, and eloquents as fuck as usual, and good Lord does Weerd Science know how to get my attention. How he'll fare at Warped Tour I don't know, but if there's money in my account, I'm going.

Akira The Don - Jamie by Akira The Don

And closer to the pop side of the spectrum, we have Akira The Don's "Jamie", sampling Sweet Child O' Mine. It sounds like then song you want to shout from your terrace the first time you've woken up before 10 in God knows how long as sniff in the morning dew, then get dressed and go outside on your day off...

Anyways, I'm getting two new songs ready for tomorrow.

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