Saturday, January 9, 2010

REVIEW: Why AC/DC Matters

Got this and a couple other books for Chirstmas. The book's by Anthony Bazzo.

Why AC/DC Matters is all about AC/DC: it's history, it's rhythms, even a story about a SECRET AC/DC Concert that happened around the release of Black Ice.

It's pretty interesting, and breaks the band all the way. It gives some pretty good analysis, such as giving a breakdown of what happens to your vocal chords when you scream like Brian and Bon, and their recording techniques (you hear each one of The Brothers Young in a different speaker). I loved learning about the history of all the members, even the ones that don't get as much "screen time", Phil Rudd (drums) and Cliff Williams (bass). Also, Slash and Kerry King contribute their quotes about the band.

The only real problem I can find is that it gets a bit fanboyish at times. A great band? Yes, by far. The greatest band? You're writing a book, not a blog post.

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