Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Day DLC Impressions

Know Your Enemy- Pretty easy on vocals, was able to FC it first time around on Hard. Guitar is a bit harder though, as there are two notes between chord changes and than always throws me off. Overall, pretty easy song. Drums are hella fun, though. I love that primal rhythm.

21 Guns- Easy FC for guitar on Expert, haven't tried drums or vocals yet. Overall it feels a lot like "Say It Ain't So"

East Jesus Nowhere- Singing wasn't that hard if my Dad can do it, and drums were OK, but let me tell you about guitar. Pretty easy up until a certain point, in fact it's the best song to practice Voxtar (vocals and guitar) with, because of the green/red chucks whenever Billie Joe is singing. But after the solo, it's "Knights Of Cydonia" from GH3 all over again, with tremelo picks up the wazoo.

So far I'm 75th in the Battle Of The Bands for the Green Day DLC battle.

Lessons to come for the next 3 days, with a special announcement thereafter.

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