Saturday, January 4, 2020

The New Hotness In 2020

Yeah, so for future reference, anytime I do something new, I'm going to make a quick post about it.

NEW SINGLE! "I Want To Fuck Krampus For Christmas"

A song about love on Christmas. Krampus is the new hotness on the holiday season, baby! I was going to do this on the guitar, but when I got into Reaper, and played around with the synth, it sounded REALLY GOOD!

Artwork done by Jesse Davis

NEW VIDEO! "The Average Rhythm Bastard Live Experience 3(KB) (Anime Iwai)"

Part of my "Resolutions" for 2020 is to make a proper Sizzle Reel for my live shows to show off to potential cons and venues, but this had so many good moments and was such a good feeling to have all my friends from 3000 Brigade support me!

Episode 24: Look At Me, I'm A Jerk!

The City of Waterdeep has seen bands with grudges before, but has it seen one with a grudge that is out for revenge against a friend slash teammate? Also, Nivenya goes into a hole.

Our cleric gets very pupset, and Oi is a jerk to robots.

Another very obvious Aquabats reference:

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