Monday, April 2, 2018

No Jokes, No Jesus, Just The Status Quo

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"The Dickpuncher" is the gritty reboot to the "Dickpuncher" series, as made famous by Marc With A C and StarF. It's about a super hero who punches people (criminals?) in the dick.

I did a good thing by rebooting the series by making him a dark and brooding hero so he can better fit in with the nerdcore music cinematic universe of along with Free Bird, Token Female MC, Billy's Gigantic Robot and of course, Boba Fett.


Despite how goofy I got with playing the demo, I am probably going get the full game to support a Rock Band friend and because I like the set up of it all.

Arcades will always hold a special place is this embittered punk heart of mine. When I lived in New York, there was an arcade in the shopping center I went to all the time, that despite it being a mom-and-pop establishment (no Ma though), was a pretty popular spot that still kept getting new machines. Walking in as a kid and seeing all these new and different machine was so exciting coming from a household where I still had my older brother's NES.
I'm too afraid to check if it's still there, but seeing Francine's Arcade Funplex did take me back.

Here in Florida is that they do have arcade machines in movie theatres and bowling alleys, and there are plenty of places that are "Arcade/Batting Cages/Go Kart" combos, but if you see a business that has "Arcade" on the storefront IT IS A FUCKING LIE.

If you go inside, there's just a shitton of computers that have a slot machine program running. It's like a pachinko parlor but for old boring people.



Because I'll be in Boston and I don't want the only impression of me to be an LP of Danganronpa where my mic wasn't on halfway through!

The intrigue gets deeper, the stakes get higher, the despair gets more depressing, and that annoying Otaku Asshole died! Part of why I started this series is because I wanted to have a series where I can chill and solve some light puzzles and basically play along with a police procedural.

Danganronpa is all that cranked up to 11 but with the added bullshit of Awkward Phoenix Wright Logic.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Mean Machine" by Sugar Ray

I only remembered this song because I needed something badass to play during that scene in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon where you're on top of that blood dragon with a turret and mowing down everyone. Before they did stuff like "Fly" and "Every Morning", this is the kind of music Sugar Ray was doing, and... I kinda liked it.

"Mean Machine" comes off the album "Lemonade and Brownies", because of course, and their album after that was called "Floored", which is where their breakthrough single "Fly" comes from. "Floored" is a nu-metal album that they went "pop" with at the end. Since then, their music has been strictly pop/adult alternative, judging from "14:59" (that spawned "Every Morning" and "Someday") and their self-titled (that had "When It's Over").

Something similar also happened to another band from the same era: Green Day. After the success of "Good Riddance" from  Green Day's "Nimrod", their next album "Warning" had a lot more acoustic guitar in their songs, though that only lasted one album and can be thought more of as an experiment.

It's not that I hate the songs Sugar Ray's been known for, it's that THIS is what they were known for. Like the went speeding down the highway at 90 MPH to go to a chill beach party.

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