Sunday, June 16, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Finds Out What A "Mizu" Is

Mizu? (Hungarian for "What's up?") How was your Father's Day?

Anyway, MizuCon (which means "water" in Japanese, which I guess makes sense, since we're in Florida) was a GIG OF LEGEND.


I was opposite some very stiff competition, but everyone who showed up loved it! Really, there was very little I would look back on and say "OOOOH! WHY?"

It was the best setup I've had for a gig in a long while, and the staff there was super helpful and super accommodating.

1. Status Quo Radio
2. Axe Cop: The Song
3. Force Of Nature
4. Cliffhanger
5. Holiday (Green Day Cover)
6. Plug In Baby (Muse Cover)
7. From A Mile Away (Boom Headshot)
8. Knowledge (Operation Ivy)/She (Green Day)/Freeze Frame (J. Geils Band)/One More Night (Maroon 5)/Duck Tales (Theme) Medley
10. Hell Yeah

-Holy shit I'm (comparatively) old. Average age was easily too young to drink.

-Homestuck is a ginormous thing, ala Dr. Who, that I'm clearly missing out on. It was so popular that it has it's own tag on Tumblr.I'm not reading it, however, out of some sort of hipster spite. (Actually it's because it's one less thing that I need to get involved in right now, since I'm still looking for a job and working on Status Quo Radio. See, there I mentioned it!)

-Sweet Rolls would go AMAZING with Coffee. You're thinking "OH SNAP! I sure wish I had a nice cup of joe right now!" Well, it's 10:30 by me, so no, not right now. So basically I plan on scoring some ASAP. I tried them for the first time at this little side shop they had. It wasn't the food stand, which had the usual soda/pizza/chips combo, but this room they dubbed the "maid cafe", which had a lot of Japanese Snacks like Pocky, Sweet Rolls, Almond Buns, Ramune, and Ramen (which is just confusing).

Ramen was going for $3 a bowl, which would normally cause one to scream "RIPOFF!!" However, that's GOOD compared to how much they were selling it for on my college campus.

-The way it was set up took me back to how I-Con was set-up, where people would be walking past your panel as they go about their business, and that did get me some foot traffic, as opposed to Hero Hype Con, where I was on the center stage.

-You know, the Hungarian translation of Mizu works just as well, since it's a convention, and people are going "What's up?" to each other. And since I saw a lot of people from Hero Hype Con there, I said "What's up?" a lot. 

-"Hell Yeah" was easily the highlight of the show, and my camera ran out of battery after my medley.

-I taught someone how to play Magic The Gathering. It gets a little confusing at first, but I think she got it.
Yu-Gi-Oh was BY FAR the card game of choice there, but one should never doubt the power of the MtG. I think there was a 6 person game going on.

-Also got in another game of "Cards Against Humanity". This one was different, because we actually decided to stop at a point (First to 7). Usually CaH games go until the deck is completely emptied out. 

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