Friday, February 8, 2013

February 6th, 2013 Video Of The Week

Late, but this week’s music video is “Keep Fishin’” by Weezer

Probably before the shitstorm that was Make Believe, “Keep Fishin’”, off of the album Maladroit, was probably the last decent album before that drop off.

While a strong blues rhythm and excellent harmonies straight from the 50’s make this fun to listen to, the real reason I’m posting this is because these lucky bastards got to work with The Muppets, even before the big revival from 2011’s movie. These are exactly the kind of shenanigans from the original Muppet Show, and it just be the last time the band was having any fun before the “Let’s take ourselves seriously, but ironically” attitude of the last decade, hence why it’s also the last time I saw Rivers Cuomo smile in public too.
BONUS LIVE VIDEO: Rivers Cuomo covering "Brain Stew" by Green Day A relic from said latter era that encompasses modern day Weezer: Doing the 90's as ridiculously deadpan as possibly. Nobody knows what to make of it, but hey, remember when people loved Green Day?

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