Monday, June 25, 2012

First Music Video!

Yesterday was Day 2 of shooting the music video for "Pass The Class".

It felt so good to reunite with the Cannibal Troll crew again! It sucks they're an hour away, but that makes the trip all the more worth it. What I always need are people who I can bounce ideas off of.

A lot of the scenes we did were planned no more than an hour in advance, and I'm pretty sure planning would have ruined it. It's my first music video, so I'm a little nervous, and the second one I have planned out a bit more.

Like I've mentioned before, this blog is akin to a workout log for me, so I can check my progress and see where I'm at and get feedback. I love the feeling of "when it all comes together" and music provides a fun space where I can do all that, and my first music video is a big milestone, because I found people who care about this thing and it feels great. The feeling's mutual, because I wouldn't have worked on Dino Hunter MD if I didn't think it would be fun.

I'll be seeing Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger and Suburban Legends this Wednesday, so no Video Of The Week.

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