Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crowdsourcing A Bridge

Right now, I'm working on the last (unfortunately) song for Dino Hunter, M.D. and it's about cliffhangers.

The song is all recorded, and being mixed right now, but I figured for the breakdown, I'd try something different:

I want you all to be a part of it.

1. Record a clip of yourself referencing your favorite cliffhanger.
Some examples:
-"Marty, it's your kids, Marty!" (Back To The Future)
-"Finishing this fight" (Halo 2)
-"Who shot J.R./Mr. Burns/Laura Palmer?" (Dallas, The Simpsons and Twin Peaks)

Basically, anything that got you super excited to watch the next installment.

2. Save it as RBCliffhanger_YourName.mp3. Yourname refers to however you want to be referenced. If you use your real name, e-mail address, gamertag, whatever, go ahead.

3. Send an e-mail to with "Cliffhanger" in the subject line, and attach your .mp3 to the e-mail.

Basically, your name wherever this song shows up (this page, SoundCloud, NewGrounds, etc.)!

Like my "Invisiball" and "Heroes Die" videos, I'll also record a video of myself playing it and thank everyone beforehand.

-Depending on how many people submit, a personalized mp3 of me saying how awesome you are.

-Make sure your recording is clear.

-More well known references are more likely to be used than more obscure ones.

-This is a free thing, but again, I'll hook you up.

Saturday, February 5th.

Thank you so much! I really hope this works!

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