Monday, September 26, 2011

Party On The Radio

1. I'm re-uploading "College Party". There were a few problems I had with the mix listening to it in the Dino Hunter M.D. episode. Namely, the mixing was off a bit.

College Party by RhythmBastard


2. In conjunction with submitting stuff alongside the NewGrounds Audio Deathmatch, this so happens to be the Bonus Round, so I'm uploading "Pass The Class" from Robot Rising to the Audio Portal as well.I didn't make these songs within the two weeks, so I'm taking it as a freebie, since there is a song I have finished, but personal reasons are keeping me from releasing it.

3. I'm going to be on Ozone Radio from Thursday 9-10 PM, doing a live audition! The show will called "The Bunker", and if you've read the blog, then you'll kind of know what to expect music-wise, but I will take requests.

4. I made this picture for Koltreg of Socialfist and Changeling fame:

It's from Batman #1 where he has to do community service and set up a Free Hugs station. I got into a couple of the DC reboot comics, but not Batman. That reboot thing seems to be real hit or miss.

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