Friday, May 13, 2011

Robot Rising EP Coming Soon!

So, this Sunday I'm releasing my first official release, the Robot Rising EP!!!

My first official release! I think this covers a fair bit of what I've done and what I'm working on since I first uploaded "Force Of Nature" on Newgrounds a year and a half ago, with some shit rerecorded and remastered.

1. Robotman's Lament (from the upcoming Dino Hunter MD Soundtrack)
2. Force Of Nature
3. Pass The Class
4. Radio Days Pt. 1 (Live from The Vault)
5. Axe Cop The Song

Recorded at Bastard Central
Mixed and Mastered at Industrial Light and Schopher

The thought occured to me to release an EP when I was in the middle of a few music projects, and I figured that something like this would be a good introduction to my music.

I've been working on "swedeing" some licensed songs for my friends' internet series, Dino Hunter MD, and that'll probably be my next big release.

I'll be putting up Robotman's Lament on NewGrounds when it comes out, and if I can get some more followers on Facebook, I'll put it out tomorrow!

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