Monday, June 28, 2010

The Thing Is...

You know how some people just don't give a shit about politics, or science, or the greater mysteries world around us, because they're too focused on just getting through the day?

That's how I've been the past two weeks finishing up papers for my online course.
I haven't posted much about Nickelback and Miley Cyrus DLC, because I'm too busy pretending to care about Modern Chinese history.

Here's that shit in a nutshell:
At first some guys from Manchuria were all like "Fuck the Han Chinese oppressing us and shit" and they temporary renamed themselves the Chin because it was the last big foreign dynasty, sort of like the Tea Party. So they took over and called themselves the Qing Dynasty.

Then opium happened, and they were too baked to win the war against the British, so then they make all kinds of negotiations so every other nation doesn't curb stop them.

THis gets some people pissed, 'cause they're sick of the Qing dynasty's bullshit. A republic's started, then WWII happens and the Soviet tell some Chinese people that Communism is a super idea.

Civil War breaks out, COmmunists win, and then every God damn thing every one does has to be for the state.

Great. That's what I pissed away 5 weeks of my life on.

In less depressing news, Akira The Don's "Steven Wells (He Was The Greatest)" went through a complete round of playtesting. Most of the work is on the vocals. I'll be posting on that again.

I have another song in the tank and ready to be released, but I'll save it as an incentive for joining my Facebook or Twitter.

Fuck Nickelback.

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