Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cutting My Teeth

So far, things have been going all right with making the song files in Reaper.

The guitar and bass parts were more or less a cinch, and I just finished them up on Expert. With primarily power-chord driven songs, it's a real bitch to set up all the chords properly. Think of the traditional power chord shape: You use your index and ring finger, right? With the plastic guitars, you can only make three of those kinds of chords. Punk songs operate on four chords. You do the math.

Another problem I ran into is that the bass is synthesized, so instead of getting a consistent run of notes, it wavers between two pitches really fast.

The other thing I have trouble authoring is the vocals. ATD's a rapper mostly, so I'm using "talkies". I haven't gotten too in-depth with the vocals yet, I just ran the "automatic charting" procedure in the dox. That's going to be a bitch.

The thing I hate the most is that I need a 360 to properly audition vocals and any venue effects I might add. AS WELL AS the Gold Membership and the Creators Club account.

Now, as for the original purpose of this blog, let's see...

The song I'm working on right now is "Flirtin' With Disaster". Progress seems to be so slow on these later songs, that I might give up and go with Guitar Hero I already.

With my own JAMZ, I have to record some bass and Fruity Loop up some drums. Unfortunately I'm going to a Super Bowl Party today!

Wait, unfortunately?

Shit I've been working too hard. (looks at recent posts) Or not hard enough... (Contemplates this, has a drink) Or not smart enough...

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