Sunday, March 22, 2020

PODCAST RECAP: Encouraging Fetishes

RPG Pals Club Rad-Ventures: Doom Patrol!

The City of Waterdeep has seen parties leave to explore the dangerous bases of Liches know as Dooms before, but has it ever seen one as great as The Doom Patrol?


Zone-Casts: I'd Rather Not Episode 125: D*** Don't Glow vs. Fash-ion Week

WOULD YOU RATHER: End racism by sending an alien to destroy New York City so that humanity has a bigger enemy that they will all be bonded against OR end fascism by bombing London’s House of Parliament and killing all of the evil politicians?

Oscar asks such... ORIGINAL questions.

Zone-casts: I'd Rather Not Episode 126: Stop Saying Uwu vs. Drown Me on Cocaine Mountain, Daddy

WOULD YOU RATHER: A house where a murderer lives under the floorboards OR a beach-side home that is drastically threatened by climate change?

OK, so my plan to "pretend to vote for everyone except Bernie Sanders" has bore mild fruit, but at least John's able to wring some good comedy out of it.

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