Thursday, October 7, 2010

Livestream Gig Recap


Nobody watched, lots of stuff went wrong. But I still had fun messing around with my friend who came. We didn't have mozzareppas like I planned, but we had Molten Chocolate cake. It's like regular chocolate cake, but the middle oozes out when you cut into it.

Said Koltreg, "The sound is coming in choppy, and the video lags. I like the song." So, for next time, I should probably put the backing tracks on something that isn't the machine I'm broadcasting from, and take notes on which backing tracks come in loud. The only problem is that with the laptop I can change the volume of the individual instruments, and always make it louder. Or rather, keep the levels low, and crank it up on the amp.

99% of the time this blog is just me thinking out loud.

All right, let's do this (***- OK to *****-Great to *****G- Flawless Performance):
I couldn't find a backing track without vocals. It was fun to jam out on, and a relief not having to worry about singing as well.

This was the song Koltreg liked. Played it twice. Once with someone watching.

Played it a million times. This song never gets old.

AXE COP- *****G
WITH SPECIAL GUEST. This song will always be fun, and it's a damn shame I haven't tried to promote it more. I'm serious, everyone I've played it for sings the chorus ("AXE COP! THat's what I said!") whenever I'm around. I legitimately work out to that song, and not skip it over like "AH I DID IT IT SUCKS I FAIL!!"

DAYMAN- *****
The lag and the transfer from the laptop to the amp warped the sound, but we pulled this one off. I've played it live before.

So, RL gigs are hard to get, and nobody gives a shit about online gigs. I've learned nothing and my Mom wants me to clean the basement.

Maybe next time I'll play Rock Band over the stream... When Rock Band 3 comes out?

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